La Luz Live at KAOS Radio in Olympia WA. Presented by Low Profile with Markly Morrison.
Lavender Country Interview. Thanks Patrick Haggerty for all you done.
Lavender Country Pt 10
Lavender Country Pt. 11
Lewis Peterson had some time to kill, so why not read a few lines from the cult classic underground film “Billy and the Cloneasaurus”?
The excellent and sultry Doug Martsch performs Live, and I got to film him!
NEGATIVLAND performs in my friend’s backyard. Crazy, huh! Feat. SUE-C
This video is an attempt to get away from CG and rely more on camera work, though some CG does show up. Thanks to default cube for the great tutorials.
Music video for Old Time Relijun’s BIONIC TRUNK.
A short film that took around 10 years to complete. I still really like this.
GRRRL SXXX performs at the Hobbit Hole on the Westside. One of the best improv trios I’ve witnessed, and a great show.
Before the show, Mdou showed me how to use the gopro stick so you could see the screen better. I’ll never forget that. A great performance by the premier Tuareg party starter.
One of the coolest shows I’ve been to in a while. Super nice fellas too.
The Blacktones are just awesome in every which way. I remember asking Ava before the show if it was okay to film the band, and she thanked me for asking. Awesome story, right?
J$Fur is music from the future, for the present, but also for the future.
Old Time Relijun, as you’ve wanted to see them, from two angles right?
One of my favorite bands, and one of the best shows. Downtown, Olympia.
Man, I had a lot of coffee before this show. In retrospect, I wish i had hit that effects pad a lot more.
Filmed in this historic building that once housed both Kill Rock Stars Records and Kurt Cobain’s pet turtles.
Remember lawnmower man style cinema? Possible seizure warning on this one.
Just blowing off some steam on the waterfront, making the warehouse shake.
I was invited to film the Procession of the Species Illuminated Ball a few years ago. Lots of puppets, costumes, and aerial-work. Super awesome.
This was a performance that began the ball. A professor and a poet both describe in their own way beauty and love for the natural world.